February 2024 Reading + Listening Bibliography

This past month, I slowed down a bit on getting through all nine seasons of the Base.cs Podcast, but I’m still chipping away at the series, and I hope to finish up over the next few weeks (months?). Jorge Arango’s episode on the Rosenfeld Review Podcast inspired me to go deeper with configuring Obsidian to help my thinking and writing grow. The practice of writing daily has been phenomenal, and I’m learning that there are more ways to use the tool than I first realized. Artificial intelligence and open source LLMs continue to be a topic of interest for me, and I anticipate that will be the case for some time.

As usual, I don’t typically list my Bible reading here or what book(s) I’m reading or dipping in to. I’m currently reading How to Stay Married: The Most Insane Love Story Ever Told by Harrison Scott Key.

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