September 2023 Reading & Listening Bibliography

Some of my September highlights were listening through nearly the second season of the Base.cs Podcast, dipping back into some Joan Didion (a favorite from my college days), and learning more about the future of block themes in WordPress. I also read the book of Acts again, which was absolutely phenomenal. It’s impossible to exhaust the Bible.

At the present time, I’m working on finishing up Bringing Up Boys by Dr. James Dobson, and I’m rereading Men of Courage: God’s Call to Move beyond the Silence of Adam.

For these bibliographies, I generally don’t include Bible reading, although I generally aim to read a chapter or so a day in whatever book I’m in. For this edition, I included some of the books I read my kids, but there are so many to keep track of. I read at least two books to them just about every night, and we enjoy more on the weekends. I enjoy reading in general, but reading to my kids is the best.

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