November 2023 Listening and Reading Bibliography

This month’s bibliography feels a bit shorter than previous months. That could be because I may have neglected to add some articles to Zotero after I finished reading it, or it could be that I didn’t read quite as much. I really feel like my content consumption changed much, but it’s hard to verify that perception. At any rate, it’s the quality of content, not the quantity that matters.

Adobe. “How to Make Your Own Font | Make It with Adobe Creative Cloud.” Accessed November 4, 2023.

Base.cs Podcast. S4:E4 – “Varon Explains Set Theory,” 2018.

———. S4:E5 – “Sets, Sets, Everywhere,” 2018.

———. S4:E6 – “It’s Sorting Time!,” 2018.

———. “S5:E1 – ‘The Simple Selection Sort.’” Accessed November 24, 2023.

———. S5:E2 – “What’s Bubble Sort?,” 2019.

———. S5:E4 – “Merge Sort Stops the Suckage,” 2019.

Compiler by RedHat. APIs And The Modernization Dilemma, 2023.

———. Legacies: The Wrap-Up, 2023.

Danner, Chas. “Why Was Sam Altman Fired As CEO of OpenAI?,” November 19, 2023.

Dave Garrett. “Generative AI: You Have To Apply It To ‘Get’ It.” Project Management Institute, October 24, 2023.–you-have-to-apply-it-to–get–it.

Emily Matzelle. “From the Library to the Data Center.” CompTIA, November 23, 2022.

Rufo, Christopher F. “Inside the Transgender Empire,” October 5, 2023.

Segran, Elizabeth. “Melissa & Doug Built a $1 Billion Toy Empire. Now They’re Making Stress-Relief Toys for Adults,” November 22, 2023.

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